Hose and dosing  for :  mud, abrasives, corrosives, alimentary. ACME peristaltic.



















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Working principle
A pump casing contains a special high elasticity and
resistance, which is flanged at both ends (connections).
The flanges are connected to the suction and
discharge lines of the system.
Within the casing is a rotor with two rollers at
opposite points about its centre line and mounted
on a shaft with bearings.
As a result of the rotor pivoting, the hose is totally
compressed by the rollers and the product within
pushed forward.
The sucking action comes as the hose restores its
original cylindrical form after compression.
The hose's worn surface must be lubricated with
siliconic grease.

Highly suitable for:
- abrasive products
- corrosive products
- shear sensitive products
- viscous products
- high density products
- metering purposes
- vacuum situations
- use in explosive environments
Self priming
Can run dry, therefore can work with out fluid
Reversible rotation.